I know we are truly one of the very lucky ones. Since facing the stark reality of cancer, I watched
others loose their beloved greys to cancer, in particular osteo, I had always wanted to do something
to help.In June, 2005 one of my favourite greyhounds, Clover, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  
By July, she was gone. I had to do something to help!

Since I make jewelry for hounds, it made sense that using that skill would be the place to start.  I
created an Awareness
Collar Bling for Hope, something all dogs and their humans could wear.

My intent was to raise a couple of thousand dollars. How little I understood the greyhound owner.  
Within months I was run off my feet, and quickly recognized that I needed other funding raising
methods.  Miss Nellie was the first greyhound I introduced on the Inspiring Stories page when Hope
for Hounds   began in November 2005.  She captivated our hearts and took a piece of it with her.  
She brought people together to fight a common cause and we will continue that fight in her honour.  

Very quickly after Miss Nellie left us, a group of
Grey Talk members decided they wanted to help me
raise money for Hope for Hounds.  Tricia Olson asked for a few donations, with that and with the
generous offer by Alisha, of 2 Hounds Design, to host the auction on her website the "Miss Nellie
Auction" was launched on May 15th, 2006.  As days passed, items were still being added and add
ons were offered to sweeten the pot.  I am never surprised by the abilities or the determination of
greyhound owners.  They always rise to the challenge.  But, this auction truly humbled and at times
overwhelmed me.  At the close of the auction we were at $8,887.00.  Many generous bidders made
extra donations to bring our final total to just over $9,000.00.  Since then, many other wonderful
greyhound owners have joined the fight, creating their own products or fundraising Events to raise

All monies raised by Hope for Hounds go to support the vital work  Dr Guillermo Couto, his
colleagues and team do on behalf of our greyhounds.  Through the
Greyhound Health Initiative we
continue the difficult work to conquer cancer in greyhounds.
My Inspiration

Foxy - my Diva Princess
Dec. 6, 1995 - Aug. 5 2008
In  2004 I found a lump on my almost 10 year old Greyhound  Foxy's front leg. The lump was removed
and we were told Foxy has cancer.  There was a 70% likelihood of the tumor returning in the first three
months.  Foxy remained cancer free until her journey to the bridge on August 5, 2008.  We had 4
wonderful years with no return of the tumor.